Arg! Due to a hard drive meltdown, I lost all of the information on the credit page. :-( I apologize profusely for this, and to anyone who might see their work up here uncredited, please email me with your relevant information so I can give proper credit here!

Contributors to this site include:

  • Nicole Wehmann
  • Charles Sombke
  • Paris Hoskil
  • MR (removed on request)
  • Benjamin Weitz
  • Snatches / Photomanips / Screens from Sting, "Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer" "Gunsmith Cats" "The Dark Crystal" and "The Mask"
  • Various artists from the trading card game "Magic the Gathering"
  • Several efforts assisted by UG0's "Hero Machine Classic" and "Hero Machine v2.0"
  • ... and many others whose information I have unfortunately lost :-(