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Other Characters

These are short biographies of other characters I've played.

Greuze Full Name: Greuze Greywares
Age: Over 60, maybe 70 by now. Pretty old.
Occupation: Atlantis Magician
Hobbies: Research, Writing, Skirt Chaser
Alignment: Tharandil-worshipping Good Guy
Notable Traits: Greuze held the title for longest stint as an active apprentice in the AM guild. Conversely, as soon as he got promoted to Master Magician, he probably has one of the shortest periods of promotions all the way to Awarding Grey. I'm proud of his accomplishments, it's not easy to rise in the ranks of the Atlantis Magicians. Greuze also believes he's a shaman, that is, that he gets his power to cast magic directly from Tharandil, the goddess of Nature. This conflicts with the widely-accepted Official Xyllomerian Theory of Magic, last I checked.

Enkida Full Name: Enkida "Two-Words" (She has no last name, but registries don't like that)
Age: As old as Blue. Pretty old.
Occupation: Satai Warrior
Hobbies: Archery, waxing eloquent with the intelligentsia of Xyllomer
Alignment: Selyra-worshipping Good Girl
Notable Traits: Enkida's a lesbian. She's also furry, and speaks with a purr because through Miraculix's kindness, I was allowed to make her a half-beast before making half-beasts became popular and common in the MUD. You wouldn't believe the amount of flak I got for the purr and the half-beast business, as well as the character description (philosophical, furry). Amazingly enough, I didn't get any flak at all for playing a lesbian, though. Enkida holds Honour to be the highest virtue of them all, followed closely by Justice.

Oigimi Full Name: Oigimi Hashihime
Age: I totally forgot. Not as old as the others listed above.
Occupation: Razza Warrior
Hobbies: Inventing, Rabbit Slaying
Alignment: Calric-worshipping Neutral Girl
Notable Traits: Oigimi's big dream was to become a world-famous inventor. She even drew up plans for hot-air balloons, before someone else lampooned that by inventing the humanoid catapult first. She then started to drift in the direction of the Pickpockets, but was distracted by the timely (and completely engineered) invention of the Gnomish CFS system. I think I would have liked to play her more, could I withstand the tedium of training within the CFS system.

Parashima Full Name: Parashima Something-or-other (I totally forgot!)
Age: Very Young
Occupation: Razza Warrior
Hobbies: n/a
Alignment: Xogina-worshipping Evil Girl
Notable Traits: I first created this character to see how the new character creation system was working out. Then I decided I'd try to develop her into a human axe-warrior barbarian type thing. Until I found out how much the Razza Warriors suck at teaching axe to anyone but dwarves. Then I decided to try and become a Warshrike because I kept hanging onto that axe ideal. Then I met some players who mistook Parashima for an actual newbie and totally ruined my illusions of people being nice to each other in the MUD. Parashima is only notable in that she's the first character to start the ball rolling on my desire to stop MUDding.

Isobel Full Name: Isobel (Aesobel)
Age: Pretty Old
Occupation: Razza Warrior
Hobbies: n/a
Alignment: Moran-worshipping Evil Girl
Notable Traits: Isobel is a darkelf. She's Not A Nice Person and I've had a lot of fun roleplaying her that way. She worshipped Moran because she thought he was the God of Blood and War (which he was, at least until he cleaned up his act). Now she's trying to convert to Huitzilopochtli. I stopped playing this character because I didn't have the time to devote to creating an in-depth evil persona, and you just can't be a Huitzilopochtli worshipper unless you've got time to prove you're worth it in spades (or you know the right people, which I don't). I've been told that I've done some spectacular roleplaying with this character by others before; mostly because she's so mean nobody ever guessed it was me behind the wheel until I told them.

Sabine Full Name: Sabine
Age: Would be very old, if she wasn't deleted
Occupation: Cleric of Rokoon
Hobbies: n/a
Alignment: Rokoon-worshipping Good Girl
Notable Traits: This was the second character I ever created way back in 1996, and had the shortest life span of any of my seconds. She was recruited into the Clerics of Rokoon only hours after she was born, and the first gline message she heard was the equivalent of victory masturbation among the Clerics because they had managed to "catch another one" to join their guild. I may have been new to the MUD, but I wasn't stupid. Needless to say, I let this character go to rot after hearing that. That's a pity, because I meant to play her as an Ice Elf.

Nicole Full Name: Nicole
Age: Very Young
Occupation: Eternal Newbie
Hobbies: n/a
Alignment: Non-Aligned Neutral
Notable Traits: This character I created to ensure that no one would be running around with my real name in the MUD. She's actually physically pattered after me, too! If you ever see her in the MUD, be nice, because she's ME!

I also once played an evil Asgoth-worshipping dwarf, but I've forgotten what the character name was, and he never got anywhere significant before the smack was put down on him by the Forces of Good anyway, so I also let him go to rot.

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