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Lawrence's Diary

Lawrence Du'Sonsa

My early youth:

I was born on the 14th day of the month of the Camel 228 A.F. as the only child of my parents. I had a rather comfortable youth as my father, a good fighter and successful adventurer had come to some wealth. We were not very religious and so I spent most of my free time playing with the other kids of the village.

When I became 14 years old my father decided that it was time for me to learn 'his trade' and he started to train me in fighting and all the other useful skills an adventurer (at least a successful one) would need!

I was everything but happy about this. I preferred to spend my time in the forest hunting or learning more about the plants than to do some spar fights with my father, but as the tradition demanded I obeyed his orders.

I could not await the day of my 18th birthday which would give me the freedom to decide for myself and it did not take me long to make up my mind and leave home to start my own adventuring career. I guess my father was smiling to himself to see me leave home with the intention to become a famous adventurer though we parted in anger. Didn't he manage to drive me where he wanted? Though the last year of training was more like a constant debate about the sense of fighting and its reasons and .. well (I think we could not agree on ANY point), he gave me his Wakizashi on the doorsteps the day I left.

My mom could never understand why we couldn't get along and it was really hard for her to let me go and she told me never to steal if I was hungry and there was always a place for me to sleep at home. I kissed her goodbye and for the last time shook my fathers hand and left the forest of my childhood.

I found some fellow elves on their way to the Padorn market and they told me about the BIG city and its opportunities for a young and healthy guy like me. Unfortunately I had to discover that it takes more than the will to become a famous and wealthy adventurer. If the first problem I encountered was the fact that most people in the world are not of elvish origin and by this prefer to speak some different language!

My father had either thought too much about my physical training or he simply wasn't proficient enough to teach any other language. Left alone with this I walked around the town talked to some fellow elves asking for information and slowly learning at least enough of this mix-language, everybody seemed to use, to order some food and drink in the pub to fill my growling stomach. For the nights I found shelter in the Padorn dome where I often talked to Inoo.

The time passed and I was able to understand enough of this mean of communication which they called a language, to fulfill simple tasks and help some people with their problems. I was able to make some poor living and even hunt enough to have a good dinner in the evening with furs to sell for some better clothing some day when I experienced my first major drawback. I was visiting the Satai guild as I did often to meet my elvish friends and read the newest gossip in the 'newspaper' (aka Satai board) when I suddenly noticed my Wakizashi missing and Paltar, a notorious thief playing around with it. I demanded it back, but she gave it to Darth who claimed it to be an item of his guild. Standing there, relatively naked and bereft of my fathers' sword, I felt really helpless and also angry because of my loss, but I didn't need anyone to tell me that I stood no chance against these battle-steeled robbers and so I left.

Fortunately Mahlekei, one of my best friends, saw my misery and offered her help. Even though I had promised myself not to accept any help I had to admit that wrong pride could prove fatal too, so she got me a nice rapier and a fancy dagger and I promised in return to pay back this favour.

I grew further and made good progress with my training when I met a strange human. He walked around without wearing the heavy armour I had seen everybody in except for some mages and he was very knowledgeable. He talked about places I had never seen, nor even heard about before and he told me about his guild and that they were not involved in the ongoing wars of the world. I first thought he was a monk, talking about meditation and the inner spirit and how to use the potential of your body instead of the relying on breaking armours and brute force.

I became more and more interested the more I heard from him and about him. He was no monk, but a psionic! Aldamir. After some time of thinking and talking to friends I decided to ask if I would be allowed to join his guild and so I was introduced to Ulysses, Crystalbearer and Lord of Water who, after an interview allowed me to join. Times were hard in the beginning. The powers of the world were shifting and the gods were teasing our souls as the result of which I had exchanged a lonely life as adventurer with the lonely life of a psionic. The only fellow Psionic I regularly met was Mith.

I had a lot of time now to explore the world. I always had enough money for my next meal and with some luck I met one of the Crystalbearers once in two or three months to be taught a new ability.

I was enjoying my life, hunting and looking for some new adventure when the day came that should change my whole life. I was wandering the streets of Atlantis when I met a beautiful young elvish woman: Blue! We introduced to each other and began to talk. While talking we got interrupted by a gnome who was constantly running in and out of the smiths shop trying to steal and being thrown out again, but we ignored him the best we could.

When we finished our conversation I suddenly felt her hand reaching into my pocket, then she left. Puzzled for a moment I decided to follow her and caught her at the harbour. I asked for my coins and she returned some of them, saying she would keep the rest and smiled. Who could resist such a smile. I didn't notice at once that she had stolen something else and more important, but I became aware of it the more often we met and even more when we parted: My heart! But she never was a cruel thief and so she gave me hers in return and so I asked her to become my wife. We married on the first day of the Yeti in year 250 A.F. and I only regret the time I didn't spend with her.

After living a peaceful life for so long this changed all of a sudden when I was hit by the shock to find my wife slain by a dark priest. I was outraged and only my word not to take revenge, which I had given her, kept me from starting to hunt her murderer until some weeks later when I was standing around on the Padorn marketplace and the same woman, Clone, tried to kill me too. She tried to put me to sleep to finish her dirty work, but fortunately my mind was already too strong for her and when she realized her failure she ran and disappeared in the crowds before I was able to follow.

The years passed and our life was without too many sorrows and responsibilities, which lead to some 'problems' with people (especially of a certain guild which I prefer not to mention ;) .. only so much about them: we still can't get along), but nothing too serious. We just enjoyed our life. Then one day after we had been talking about it for some time, Blue decided to leave her guild and join the psionics. Though I was happy that we got closer together I was sorry about the way her former guildmates treated her for what I consider my mistake and the way she was kicked out of her home.

Growing up and advancing in the guild also brought work and responsibilities with it and we both accepted it. After the long absence of Dragoth, the old Lord of Fire and with Linga and Mith gone I was the next on the list of Crystal- masters who were able to become Crystalbearer. I was made Crystalbearer in the usual psionic fashion ;)

This diary is far from being complete as it is still missing so many stories, but it tells about the things which are most important to me: my guild, but even more important my lovely wife Blue.

Lawrence the Red, married to lovely Blue. Lord of Fire.

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