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Blue Du'Sonsa

Welcome to Blue's World!

Please note that I no longer participate in the MUD. It's still a lovely, free environment to get your roleplaying feet wet in, and the text-based world encourages people to develop their imaginations, unlike graphical MMORPGS. Every fantasy world, however, has its limits, and after ten years, I think I've reached mine.

Blue Du'Sonsa was my primary character in the online MUD "Xyllomer." She is an old, mischievous, married, half-darkelf, half-highelf former-thief-turned-psionic who worships the Goddess of Love, Selyra. Her morals were questionable (and depending on the amount of gold, gems or free food waved underneath her nose, very flexible), but I like to think she was a kind, friendly person to almost everyone she met despite that. You can read her diary, look at pictures of her, or check out her OOC statistics. Blue did actually reach Living Legend, the top XP status in the MUD.

I'm sorry to say that I don't offer psionic information on these web pages anymore. The psionic guild just had one too many applicants who did nothing but read my former website and then feel they were prepared to join the guild without any further roleplaying effort. That, and I was instructed by other psionic players to take this information down, no pressure or anything. The official Xyllomer webpage still has very good content on is totally outdated about psionics. For further information the curious will have to find out themselves by actually MUDing. Once again, I'm sorry that a few ruined it for the many, but that's the way it is.

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