You wanted to know about Enkida?

I'm a housewife who does freelance webdesign and draws webcomics between those "housely" duties. I graduated from college in the United States and continued my education in Germany until I got fed up with the higher education system over here. My BA concentration in the United States, was in traditional 15th century printmaking. So naturally, I went into web development after college. After approximately a year and a half of working as a web developer for Headquarters Air Force, I got married to my other half, Chris, and moved to Germany to live permanently. We have been married for almost seven years now and live in Oerlinghausen, Germany, which is in Northrhein Westfalia. Which is most certainly not Bavaria, the place where they drink all that beer and wear lederhosen and feathered caps.

My real name is Nicole, although I have been called other things, including but not limited to "Nicky-Nu," "e-Coli," "Michelle's little sister," "Rosencrantz," "Ros," "Rosie," "Enkida," "Enkinda," "Blue" and of course "Bitch." I am still an American citizen and civilian. My father is an American whose family roots can be traced back to French-Canadian immigrants. But before he met my mother and settled down in America, he spent a good portion of his life living in American Samoa, doing wild things like teaching the natives how to speak English and building roads and the island's first movie theater there. (I'm extremely jealous of him.) My mother is a Filipina who immigrated to Canada, eventually was transferred via her job to the United States and recently became a citizen of the United States. My husband is German. My sister is also American, but spent a short while studying Arabic in Jordan and later spent a year teaching English in China. My sister-in-law studies Greek. In other words, I don't know if I could pack more internationality into my family if I tried. I am, however, the only member of the family who is linguistically impaired - though I learned English, Spanish, French and German, of these I retain only English and a barely passable version of spoken German.

Other stuff?

My email is [ nicole.wehmann AT gmail DOT com ].